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Management of Japanese School

AdvantageOur strengths

Higher Level of Japanese Language Training Standards

Our head instructor, Alex Guevarra, is a TESDA*-certified Japanese language trainer. He has lived in Japan for several years and is an experienced manager from a major Japanese company. His learning modules are prepared so that Filipinos can learn the language with ease and so that students of the MGB Language Center will have a higher passing rate for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

*TESDA is a training institute that teaches and certifies specialized and technical skills to people in the Philippines.

A Specialized Curriculum for Caregivers, Restaurants, and Hotel Businesses

Our training center is not limited to acquiring knowledge of the Japanese language alone; it creates continuous employment opportunities to work in Japan as well. In this case, the center incorporates actual vocabulary and terminology that can be used in the actual workplace.
Another special characteristic of Filipinos is their natural hospitality, making majority of the Filipino workers appropriate to work in the fields of caregiving, restaurants, and the hotel industry.
For this reason, we have established a curriculum specific to these three businesses to create a system in which Filipino human resources will be able to work immediately in Japan.

Non-Language Training

The center is not limited to language training. In MGB Language Center, Japanese culture and business ethics are incorporated in the curriculum as well, because it considers the possibility of actual work dispatchment to Japan.
Hence, the students will also be able to deepen their understanding of Japan in a fun and relatable manner as Alex shares his firsthand experiences of the Japanese culture and practices during the time that he has spent in the country.

Receiving Company Can Send Their Inquiries Directly

Since we are a public accounting firm located in Tokyo, we will function as the window/point of contact to all inquiries. If the situation calls for it, we can also connect you directly to our company in the Philippines.

Online Lessons

One can avail of a Japanese class in a via conventional classroom learning as well as via on-line.
Online lessons are available at home, so you can easily join remotely, enjoy learning in the convenience of your own home and choose variety of time slots to suit your personal schedule.
In addition, since you are using Zoom application, as long as there is a stable internet connection, there is no need for any complicated procedures.
Many students from Luzon as well as in Cebu and Mindanao are already participating in the class.
It is very popular with students who are busy with work and who lives far away.

After careCare after recruitment

Continuous Welfare Care After Dispatchment Recommendation from Our Instructor

Working in foreign countries places great stress on many workers.
Because of this, one of the major risk points being raised is how to continuously provide welfare care when hiring a foreign worker. We believe that the feelings of Filipino workers dispatched to Japan can only be understood by their fellow Filipinos.
In light of this, a Filipino instructor with an established rapport on mental wellness and has the ability to understand the students will continuously monitor their wellbeing through regular online reports.

Online Japanese Language Training After Manpower Dispatch

Our center’s involvement does not end once manpower has been dispatched. In order to meet the satisfaction of the receiving company, we think that continuous Japanese language training is necessary.
With this in mind, we will continue offering online classes to students who wish to take their Japanese language knowledge to further heights so that they will have an opportunity to refine their skills.

CooperationAlliances and collaborations with local sites

Partnership with Local Technical Training Center

It is our center’s purpose to continuously dispatch workers to Japan.
This is why we do not limit our program to language training; we also provide the acquisition of technical skills required to work in Japan as well.
Taking this into account, we have established local tie-ups with caregivers, restaurants, and hotel training centers.

Close Collaboration with our Local Company and Accounting Firm

MGB’s board members include a local lawyer and local accountant.
On this account, we have established a close relationship with our local company and accounting firm, resulting to timely coordination should issues concerning local law and accounting will be encountered.

Partnership with Multiple Philippine Recruitment Agencies

The law only allows one Japanese company to enter a contract with one Philippine recruitment agency.
In this regard, we have affiliated our company with multiple recruitment agencies, so that you can choose from a wide range of options to find one that would best meet your needs.

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